Turkey special

Contest – 1 entry per person , winner will be chosen randomly to receive one fresh turkey. Shipping in the continental USA only. Contest ends November 15. Winner selected November 16.

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Green Circle™ turkey is a very special bird, available exclusively at Savage Steaks . Every turkey that bears the Green Circle label is certified by Humane Farm Animal Care and raised free-range on a diet of wholesome grains and surplus vegetables from local markets. Our unique program emulates the common sense, waste-nothing methods of days past when poultry lived on vegetable scraps and roamed freely around farmyards and pastureland. From start to finish, these birds are treated and fed well, and the result is a supremely tasty turkey.

*Servings based on 1.25 pound per person

cooking and nutrition facts

Ordering your Thanksgiving turkey: We highly recommend you plan ahead and pre-order your holiday bird as early as possible, as we often sell out.

Cooking your Savage Steaks turkey: Keep in mind that depending on several factors, including: size of bird, oven calibration, type of cookware used, recipe variations, and method of cooking, time and temperature will vary. We recommend the use of a meat thermometer, instant-read, or digital when gauging doneness.

What size do you need? If you prefer to have no leftovers, we recommend that you estimate 1-1.25 pounds per person to determine the size of turkey you will need. (For example, 8-10 pounds will yield 6-8 servings). Or, if leftovers are why you cook a turkey in the first place, then plan on at least 1.5 pounds per person.


All orders are available for FREE delivery or in-store pickup only between Monday, November 20 – Wednesday, November 24. 

Please note that turkeys are not cooked.

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Jerry L. - Silver Spring MD
Porterhouse 90 day dry aged USDA prime 30 oz
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Excellent! We'll have a ton of leftovers. And I am using the bone for soup!
Dan S. - Silver Spring MD
Porterhouse 90 day dry aged USDA prime 40 oz
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They are unbelievable! Good job BIll !

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Turkey special

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